What to visit in Puglia to fill the eyes of infinity

The first image that Puglia reminds is the infinite. Infinite like the blue of its sea, like the land on which splendid traditions to be preserved still bloom.

From the Grand Hotel Olimpo it is easy to reach some of the most renowned places in the region: a few kilometers and the beauty of our land will invade your gaze. Here, then, what to visit in Puglia during your stay with us. Simple indications to fall in love with each step, infinitely.

It is known worldwide as the City of Trulli, dazzling for its originality. The beating heart of the Itria Valley, Alberobello has obtained UNESCO recognition of World Heritage for its particular conical-shaped buildings. The suggestive walk through the neighborhoods invites you to visit the House of Love, the Sovereign Trullo, the Siamese Trulli, Sant’Antonio Church, the Monument to the Fallen, the Museum of the Territory, the Rione Monti and the Rione Aia Piccola.

Among the most spectacular karst sites in Italy, the Castellana Caves wind along an underground path of about 3 km at a depth of 70 meters. The guided excursion invites you to discover the history, sounds, colors and shapes that tickle the imagination of adults and children. The feeling of wonder becomes even more vivid in the presence of the White Cave, recognized as “the most shining in the world” by virtue of its alabaster shine.

Hometown of Domenico Modugno, author of the most famous Italian song in the world “Nel blu dipinto di blu” to which a statue on the waterfront named after him has been dedicated. It is impossible to miss a walk through the alleys of the center that lead to the terraces: from here you can admire the magnificent panorama of the village mirrored in the sea. Enchanting beaches where you can spend pleasant days on the sea, including Lido of San Giovanni and Cala Paura beaches.

An ancient village on the Murgia plateau, it dominates the countryside with scattered trulli and olive trees from 410 meters high. Its name comes from the original circular plan that is tightened around the Mother Church with laneways and alleys watched over by the white houses of the town.

A fascinating city at daylight, with its boats berthed in the harbor, and busy at night, when it comes alive with the many clubs that animate the historic center. Monopoli will surprise you with its beauty that combines history, culture and fun. Noteworthy are Charles V Castle, built on the seashore to protect the ancient port, and the Co-Cathedral of Madonna della Madia. Its Blue Flag beaches are enchanting thanks to the sea and the service quality.

Known as the White City due to the color of the houses painted in white lime, Ostuni has ancient origins and it preserves fascinating testimonies of its prestigious past in the alleys of the center, in the Cathedral and in the Museum of pre-classical civilization. Not to be missed, between 25 and 27 August each year, the Festival of Sant ‘Oronzo and Sant’ Oronzo Parade to accompany the silver statue of the patron saint to whom salvation from the plague is attributed.

With its particular historical center with an elliptical plan, the beautiful Palazzo del Balì, the Sedile and the Church of Santa Maria La Greca, Putignano is famous above all for the fantastic Carnival which every year features the floats on which imposing papier-maché creations dominate the scene.

The tradition of Putignano Carnival dates back to 1394 and, today as then, it begins on December 26 with the characteristic Propaggine (recitation of satirical verses dedicated to well-known people of Putignano) to end on Shrove Tuesday with a festive parade.

Zoosafari is the largest wildlife park in Italy and the second one in Europe. Its 140 hectares welcome 1700 animals of 200 different species from 5 continents. Adults and children can get to know them through itineraries to follow with their car and pedestrian paths.

Fasanolandia is the amusement park included in the same tourist complex, with great attractions for the whole family: shows, botanical garden, Puglia miniature, exhibitions and museums.

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