famiglia felici tra i trulli ad alberobello

Welcome to
the Grand Hotel Olimpo

4-star hotel in the wonderful City of Trulli

We imagine you while planning your next vacation. You are choosing the destination, looking for a place that inspires calm but which also allows your children to have fun.

You are comparing the offers, making sure that the period is the right one, not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. In the end you make your decision, better… it is Puglia that decides for you and it is just here, at the Grand Hotel Olimpo in Alberobello, that you will come back every time you are going to look for memories that are good for the heart.

About us
“Perhaps the masterpiece of Puglia is Alberobello. There is no tourist guide ignoring it, nor a middle school geography book which does not show a photograph of its trulli. […] Alberobello is a perfect town whose formula has become style thanks to the rigor with which it has been applied.” (Pier Paolo Pasolini)
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